So what exactly is Project Ed?

Good question.

If you’ve already read About Project Ed (which I hope you did!) and still don’t get much of it, that’s totally fine.

Here’s a clearer picture.

Project Ed (Ed is short for “Editor”) is basically a series of one-on-one coaching sessions conducted mostly via email, social media, and (hopefully) at least one in-person meeting.

Joining Project Ed as a mentee would be like having a personal editor, someone who will give no-nonsense feedback on news articles, feature articles, news feature articles, and even personal essays.

The feedback will be focused more on style than substance. (This is NOT to say that one is more important than the other, of course! It’s just that the content is yours to decide.) Hence, I’ll be giving tips on structure, advanced grammar, word choice, and everything else that can elevate your work and make it publishable.

Project Ed is NOT about

  • doing your assignment, research, or academic paper for you
    • Don’t even get me started on this.
  • teaching you from level zero how to write news, feature, or news feature articles
    • You have your professors—or if you’re not studying journalism, e-courses—to do that for you. (Although if there will be people willing enough to join this project and teach those in detail, that would be awesome!)
  • rewriting your article for you
    • I will be there to provide comments, but the work of rewriting and rewriting and rewriting will be yours to execute. Remember, a huge part of learning how to write better is learning how to rephrase better, and that’s done by constant practice of reshuffling words and phrases until the work looks decent enough for submission.

BUT just in case you have questions on news writing, feature writing, news feature writing, or writing in general, I’ll be more than willing to help bridge the gap and take you in the right direction 🙂

Now, Project Ed is definitely for you if

  • you are a college freshman, sophomore, or junior with an interest in journalistic writing, or even blogging
  • you are NOT in a publication and you don’t have access to an editor or mentor
  • you genuinely want to improve your writing
  • you are actually trying but you don’t know how to go further without someone’s guidance

Project Ed is NOT for you if

  • you don’t respect deadlines
  • you can’t take constructive criticisms
  • you don’t actually feel excited about the coaching process even after reading this post
  • you think it’s “just another workshop where I will just be taught what I already know” or it’s “just another course with boring modules and stuff

Well, let me stop you right there.

The wonderful thing about Project Ed is that it’s not a workshop, course, tutorial nor class that just churns out lectures and leaves you overwhelmed with information. No.

Project Ed is meant to foster an intimate editor-to-writer relationship where the mentee’s strengths and weaknesses are identified by the mentor prior to the actual coaching process. I want to know exactly where you are in your writing journey, what else needs fixing, and where you want to be headed so I can provide sufficient feedback targeted specifically to your needs.

If that’s not what you need right now, that’s fine. Come back when you’re ready  🙂

But if you’re the kind of person who is novaturient *wink wink* and is always ready to take the challenge—all for the sake of self-growth—then you’re in the right place and I’d love to meet you!

Oh, wait. Just a disclaimer before we proceed.

I cannot stress this enough: I am in no way claiming to be an expert in any of the topics previously mentioned. I only intend to share whatever I learned in years of being a Journalism student, a local publication editor, and an adult striving to be better at work and in everything else she does  🙂

If you’re doubting my credentials, that’s alright. I do, too. (I honestly think we all have to doubt our skills every now and then so we’ll never settle for complacency.)

And if it helps quiet your fear that this will be just a waste of time, please feel free to navigate through the site (everything’s here, including my professional profile) and see for yourself if I am even worthy  to teach you. Seriously, it could be the other way around!  🙂

Now, if you’re okay with everything, then you’re ready for the best part.

Project Ed is—wait for it—totally free! (Cool, huh?)

To enroll as a mentee, fill out the sign-up form below. For inquiries, email me at



About Project Ed

The desire to execute an initiative like Project Ed comes from my experience—or lack of experience, rather—when I first applied in our college’s local publication. As narrated in my farewell column, it was in the presence of mentors that I started becoming a better writer.

With all humility, I hope to share whatever I learned in four years of journalism education to younger students who wish to have a personal coach—a personal editor, if you will—in their writing journey.

I am aware that the luxury of having such is usually available only to those who write for their respective publications. And through Project Ed, I wish to bridge that gap.

*cue dramatic music*

But seriously. If you’re with me in this and you’re willing to participate in this project in whatever way, connect with me right away via

If you want to enroll as a mentee, read this post first and then fill out the sign-up form at the end. Cheers!

About DokYou

DokYou is an experimental project aiming to produce a series of micro-documentaries that tell the story of the individual in 10 minutes or less. The face of the story could be your neighbor, that multi-creative internet star, your school’s kuya magtataho, or even the most hated personality of the hour.

Here at DokYou, we believe that every person carries a message that deserves to be shared with the world. Ultimately, these personal stories reflect the bigger picture.

For collaborations, story pitches, or any inquiries regarding DokYou, please feel free to email me at

About Passion + Purpose

Passion + Purpose projects are initiatives for personal growth and skill building. These are the things that make me feel alive—the things I look forward to accomplishing beyond my 9-to-5.

More importantly, Passion + Purpose is also about advocacy. The projects are coupled with a conscious attempt to add value to other people’s lives, in whatever way possible.

So if you wish to pitch any project you have in mind or collaborate with me on any existing or future endeavor, connect with me right away and let’s make that happen!