How I Met My Mentor: Arriane Serafico


Photo grabbed from her Twitter account @arrianeserafico

The bio:
Arriane Serafico is a design thinking advocate, social media expert, and creative blogger from the Philippines.

How I found her: Her name has always been familiar to me since I first saw it on a promotional poster of a blogging conference held in our university, but I never really made the effort to look her up until I came across a link to her free course about enhancing productivity. Being a broke millennial and a guilty procrastinator, I was the perfect target for it. I immediately subscribed to her newsletter, and from there I basically said “omg same” to everything.

Why she makes the Internet a better place: There’s a reason I didn’t attend the bloggers’ conference I mentioned earlier; I had this unfair perception of bloggers as fancy narcissists. (I know. I’m sorry!) But that changed when I discovered how Arriane uses her blog for a bigger purpose which is helping why-driven women achieve their passion and purpose. I mean, just reading that sentence makes me hear victorious cheers and see confetti. The positivity surrounding the community she created is just contagious.

What she taught me: Joining the “90 Braver Days” challenge was a major wake-up slap to my years-long productivity slump. Every New Year, I would tell myself I’d be a “version 2.0” and set vague, unrealistic life goals and–you know it–I would always end up achieving less. The “90 Braver Days” course taught me that it’s all about the “why” and the ways you stick to systems to make your goal a reality. This barely covers everything I’ve learned in the course, but suffice it to say that this is by far the most effective productivity course I took since I started actively seeking self-growth. Also, Project Ed is a product of my joining “90 Braver Days” and now I’m just inspired to (hopefully) do more passion projects in the future ❤

The major takeaway: Living a life of passion and purpose ultimately lies in your own hands.

Where you can find her: @arrianeserafico on Twitter and Instagram;; for her podcast

What you should check out as soon as you finish reading this: Her Braver Goals course! Drop everything and go to this link to learn more about it: or this if you only want the workbook

Investing in your self-growth is one of the best things you can do as an adult, so I would strongly suggest enrolling ASAP 😉 Go for it! ❤


How I Met My Mentor is a series of posts about individuals who have provided no-nonsense and awe-inspiring content amid the noise polluting the World Wide Web. It is my hope that these so-called digital mentors serve as a reminder that there is no such thing as “too much internet” when you’re talking about great content.

If you have a digital mentor in mind whose work you think should be shared with the world, shoot me an email using the contact form embedded in this website.


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