About Project Ed

The desire to execute an initiative like Project Ed comes from my experience—or lack of experience, rather—when I first applied in our college’s local publication. As narrated in my farewell column, it was in the presence of mentors that I started becoming a better writer.

With all humility, I hope to share whatever I learned in four years of journalism education to younger students who wish to have a personal coach—a personal editor, if you will—in their writing journey.

I am aware that the luxury of having such is usually available only to those who write for their respective publications. And through Project Ed, I wish to bridge that gap.

*cue dramatic music*

But seriously. If you’re with me in this and you’re willing to participate in this project in whatever way, connect with me right away via rosebarroga.projected@gmail.com.

If you want to enroll as a mentee, read this post first and then fill out the sign-up form at the end. Cheers!


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